Virtual Reality Rentals and Development

Everything you need to know about renting VR in Boston

Our First Release Test Video. 

We are working on our promotional video. For now here is an example of a really cool game we have been testing out. Its a Fruit Ninja VR Arcade. Fruit Ninja has been the leading arcade for about 5 years, and now it is elevated to a room scale virtual reality experience. Where the player is fully immersed as a fruit ninja. You can see here Aleiya is playing the game.

How does a “Virtual Reality” event work?

Once we know the game and the place, we start to coordinate a scale room set up.

We set up the computer, the headset and the television. Then we set up the tracking cameras on stands in certain positions, we calibrate the play area on site. We then arrange the room based off the game that will be played. We can then tweak other components, like race car seats, to skateboards, and more, to make the experience better for the party.

What is included in a VR rental?

  • Full scale room tracking
  • 360 degree headset
  • Studio headphones
  • 2 motion controllers
  • High powered gaming PC
  • Custom gameof choice ( Steam )
  • 1 HD 40″ television on a stand to share the experience with the crowd
  • 1 professional operator and an assitantto woek with the guests


HTC Vive

We reccomend the HTC Vive headset. We also offer the options below, however we do not reccomend these first for group events.

  • Google Cardboard
  • Samsung VR
  • PSVR

What kind of games can we play at the event?

Thanks to a large development community of mostly independent developers there are 1000’s of titles to choose from. On the Right you can see examples of different games and options. But please don’t limit your imagination. We can offer 3d art games, like virtual reality pictionary, roller coasters, or even custom 3d environments. I like to play VR Google Earth, Boxing, and Archery for the most part. There are also many sports games from basketball drills to football throwing. There are even horror games, and indy car racing. Yes virtual reality is that cool.

Virtual Reality Events

Base Quote
  • Includes Game of Choice
  • Consulting / Event Design
  • Professional Technician and Assistant
  • Includes cables, cords, computer, and virtual reality
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Check out some of these cool videos. I really enjoy these games, so I thought it would be good to provide some videos that got me into virtual reality. There are also other forms that you may have seen on TV like the Samsung VR and the Google Cardboard which utilize our phones to experience virtual reality for less cost. We also have these in stock, however due to realiability we do not reccomend these for events. The HTC Vive set up shown above is the most consistent experience, it is run off a strong Personal Computer which will run the entire event smooth. If you want multiple stations we also offer LAN conncetion between 2 HTC Vives. Please feel free to give us a call as well if you have any questions.