Transform your guests with Face paint

For a lot of kids with a lot of imagination

For Kids, Teenagers, and Adults

We have been hired to do all kinds of different face painting events. Through our travels we have been lucky enough to work the widest range of events. From events with over 400 kids to dim lit night club parties in NYC.

The key to a good face painting event is the ability to adapt. We at Airbrush Boston, know what it takes to ensure a good time. If a kid wants to be a power ranger hes got it, if an adult wants a Mike Tyson face tattoo, no problem.

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1 hour $150 hr
2-3 hours $125 hr
4-8 hours $100 hr

“Prices are negotiable for causes,  schools and extended events”

You can also get discounted rates by adding more artists to your event.

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