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Henna Artists in Boston

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Henna art is also referred to as  Mehndi. This is the most sacred of services that we offer. Our artists truly love this craft. Designs usually take around 5 minutes at events, however sessions can last up to 2 hours for private occasions. The art is not limited to our reference material. Guests can get anything from traditional and ancient designs for wedding receptions, all the way to pop culture designs like Hello Kitty or Minions.

Our employees love to be on site doing Henna. Our goal is to provide an amazing experience through henna art. Guests love henna, brides love henna. It is a truly amazing service. Henna lasts longer than any other of our services for a leave behind experience, Henna is a dye rather than an ink. Our henna is always 100% organic. and we never use foreign henna products. All batches are mixed up here in Boston using raw organic henna powder, cloves, and coffee. After the design is applied we set the artwork with Lemon Juice and Sugar.

Henna events can be one hour all the way to 6 hours. Sessions that are one hour will cost $150. Events that are 3 hours will cost $100 an hour. Each additional hour past 3 hours will cost $75. Travel is usually waived however since we travel all over the United States charges may apply for travel.

Organic Products

We always use Organic Henna that we mix ourselves. We never use synthetic Henna.

Real Artists

All of our Henna artists love to do henna, so we are happy when we work, and we always put the customers first.


Henna tattoos are just fun for all ages, teenagers, kids, and adults.

henna tattoos in boston

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