Bar Mitzvah airbrush party 

This party was for Elmo at Its2cool

Its2cool is probably the best place to throw you Mitzvah, its located in Canton, MA. 

Airbrush Boston came to do the airbrushing for 4 hours. 

I went through 80 shirts with an assistant. All in all the Tee Shirts were cool to start, as they did the monopoly theme. 

You can see some of the images below. 

mitzvah airbrushThere’s the man himself I made Elmo 3 shirts. 

tee shirts at mitzvahAirbrush


mitzvah airbrush airtist

bat mitzvah shirts

Airbrush cupcake mitzvah

boston mitzvah

Smarty Marty

Airbrush Bar Mitzvahs