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We flat out enjoy making art. When you hire Airbrush Boston, you hire great people, who are all talented artists, makeup professionals, and canvas painters who all love to work within the arts. Airbrush Tee Shirts last for years and years.  Our goal is to provide an amazing experience that everyone can remember with their own beautiful custom artwork. Guests will be able to choose anything they want on their tee shirts.  We have fun just like the guests so we are always enthusiastic about our jobs. You can give us a call or send us a message, we can only be a couple of places a night so contact us for availability.  We would love to send over info about our experiences and references.


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Roscoe Lamontagne started airbrushing clothing over 10 years ago, he would paint shirts in his studio. He then began airbrushing weekly on a pier boardwalk in South Florida to pay for College. Roscoe is a Fine artist, animator and filmmaker. When he moved back to Boston while running his Design Company ( Roscoe Studio ) he created a project called as a way to get back into the airbrushing event scene. He has had the opportunity to work with PETA, MIT, University of Amherst, and many more awesome clients.

Airbrush Clothing events can be 1 hour all the way to 8 hours. We also run promotions on days during the week.

  • Sessions of 1 hour cost $220.
  • Events that are 3 hours are $175 an hour for the artist,
  • Additional hours over 4 hour blocks are discounted at / $125 an hour.
  • We always recommend a dedicated professional assistant / $50 an hour. ( They interact with the guests and assure that everyone gets what they want at the event. )

We like to make this event easy on everyone involved. Travel is typically waived within 30 miles of Boston as long as we are not charged for parking. Since we travel all over the United States travelling charges may apply outside of New England.

Garments and clothing are always additional invoices attached to the event proposal. We can also purchase the event materials for you with a %40 event deposit and a minimum of 2 weeks ahead of the event. We can usually get the best price on tee shirts with our wholesale accounts. We also airbrush on hats, pants. pillows, bean bags, and even cars just ask us if you have any questions.

artists-in-boston-airbrushWe always recommend the assistant. Our assistants are basically the artists boss. They keep track of all the designs, and make sure the artist is on task to meet his goals. Artists usually complete each piece within 3-5 minutes at busy events. The assistant works hands on with every guest ensuring they can get their design right. The assistant also organizes all the orders and gets the shirts ready for the artist so there are no distractions for the artist. Our Artists encourage guests to hang out with the artists and watch as the clothing is made, while the assistant makes sure the work station remains organized and on pace throughout the event.

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People Oriented Artists

When you hire us, you hire people who focus on giving you the best experience in the industry. We suggest to hire an artist and an assistant, because we aim to run the smoothest airbrush events in America.

Throw the Coolest Event

We think the coolest service is airbrushed clothing, at an event you can be sure that our booth is a main attraction. We get calls from California, and New York City, people all around America contact us regarding airbrush events. We can only book a few a night so contact us for availability.


Just like we customize every shirt, we can customize every event. We can help you get shirts printed for the best price, and airbrush them at the event. Or we can even customize props for your party. If you have any questions please just ask.

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