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Talented Artists

We only supply professional artists, so you actually get what you pay for. We focus on quality. 

Professional Equipment

We only use the best equipment in the industry. All of our paint is non toxic. Our Body art paint is also hypo allergenic.

Genuine Experience

We have successfully worked with high profile clients across America. We also work small private gigs. Ask us about references.

Open pricing

We trust our clients, and you can trust us. We always use a transparent pricing structure, with no hidden fee’s. We are also competitive.


When you book Airbrush Boston, we guarantee a smooth experience. Events should be Dynamic, you need the right artistic talent with the necessary people skills to keep the crowd happy. Choose us to ensure a successful next event.


What if you are far from Boston, no problem. Our artists travel all over the USA. From Miami, to Los Angeles, and back to New York City.

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This is just a fun video we shot with one of our Model’s.

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